Got International Goals in 2015?
The MVA Ambassadors in Japan and the U.S are visiting Medicon Valley November 3 - 7, 2014. 

They have a strong track record of supporting organizations in Medicon Valley looking for opportunities. Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding meeting to discuss how they can assist you in your planned activities. 

Please contact Project Manager Ann-Sofie Andersson at +45 2371 5605 or to book your meeting.

Ambassador News: MVA Ambassadors Insight
MVA welcome Dr. Roger Frechette as our new MVA-Ambassador on the US East Coast and thank Torsten Jepsen for his excellent work. Read all about the MVA Ambassadors' latest activities and forthcoming events. Click here.

Be part of the Danish-Swedish delegation at BioJapan 2014!
We are delighted to invite you to join our Scandinavian life science delegation to BioJapan 2014. Read more



Why is Boston the place to be for biotech start-ups and why should we care in Medicon Valley? 
If you are curious please read the article in Danish daily, Berlingske quoting among others MVA-ambassador in Massachusetts, Roger Frechette, who points out that Danish biotech companies need to have a presence on location to build business relationships and that is not easy to do remotely.
Link to article (in Danish)
Fortunately that is exactly why we have engaged Roger as our MVA ambassador on the US east coast. He can help Medicon Valley companies to establish an outpost there and function as the local representative, a virtual local presence, helping to establish and build a network. Read more about our ambassador program  and please contact us for additional information here. 

Time to unite!

CEO at Medicon Valley Alliance, Stig Jørgensen, expresses in the latest issue of Näringsliv his visions for Medicon Valley. There is a need for collaboration in a much smarter way on both sides of the Oresund Bridge, if we want to make Medicon Valley an attractive destination for the best talents within life science. The Medicon Valley Beacons are the regions scientific strongholds and each Medicon Valley Beacon is a collaboration between Denmark and Sweden. You can read the article here

Tour de Medicon Valley - A day for networking and creating new partnerships among the MVA members
On Wednesday September 17th, 2014, Medicon Valley Alliance had arranged the first Tour de Medicon Valley. The purpose of the tour was to introduce the Danish members to key Swedish members, to explore opportunities for scientific and commercial cooperation and to facilitate networking in general. Read more about the day here